Battered Wall


Ahmberbad's Old City pol's were in decline due to disuse and gentrification. Helped by the pioneering conservation work of John and Kinnari Lakhia, Ahmedabad's Old City achieved UNESCO world heritage status in 2017.

Ahmedabad pol's

The Old City of Ahmedabad is located on the eastern banks of the Sabarmati river. Within Ahmedabad's Old City or Walled City a neighbourhood is called a pol. John and Kinnari's house is in Jethbabhai ni pol or Jethabhai's neighbourhood.

Each pol traditionally was comprised of residents from the same sect, caste or religion. Many of the residents were even related to each other making a homogenous living environment.


The front doors of the houses were often left open and the narrow streets of the pol became mere extensions of peoples living rooms; with residents moving seamlessly between houses as if the neighbourhood was one giant house.​


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