Conservation of heritage buildings in Ahmedabad through adaptive reuse to create spaces that are alive and propelling; by bringing the experience of the past into the present paradigm.

Our work

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The conservation of six heritage houses within the Old City of Ahmedabad through adaptive reuse that will entail repairs, restorations and new additions. The site is located in Jethabhai ni pol, a 15th century neighbourhood within the Walled City. The clients are the ancestral owners of most of the properties with ownership records going back four hundred years.


Conserving ancient techniques of textiles and traditional neighbourhoods in a way that brings our past heritage as an experience into the present.


A chance purchase of a Haveli in Jethabhai ni pol, Ahmedabad led to several decades worth of work to conserve the traditional houses.

Jethabhal Ni Pol is a UNESCO protected neighbourhood of the Old City in Ahmedabad and where our conservation efforts are concentrated.

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